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General info...
This is not a business. This is a hobby that I share with others! I know the "not for sale" gets repetitive, but I still get regular emails for things I haven't sold in years (or ever sold)!
For previous visitors to my website that have seen years of "waiting to build a shop"... well, it's finally done. It needs a few finishing touches, but for all practical purposes, the shop is ready!
I'm presently trying to hand code all of the website, as html editors tend to add in TONS of ridiculous and conflicting code. If it looks weird, that's why.


My Panther Project! (No, this one's not mine.)

My Carrier Project! (armor restoration completed, sold)

Studebaker truck.
1951 Studebaker M35A2 "Deuce and a Half"(also sold)

Gas Guns
Steve Smith's Gas Gun kits

My "Gas Gun" build manual - only $14.99

My Transit Chests
Transit Chests

My 2cm Flak 30
My 2cm Flak 30

The (now semiauto) DShK. (not for sale)

Thompson (Sold years ago)

Bren (not for sale)

MG42 (not for sale)

My MG34
My MG34 (not for sale). An excellent condition 1941 MG34. It would be great to build into a semiauto, but it is in such great condition I don't think I will. (The brown is cosmoline, not rust.)

My DP28, a dummy gun I made years ago. With a ton of work, I'd really like to make it into a semiauto, but can't find anyone that still makes the conversion parts (can you help me with that?). The DP is just a mini DShK for which I have already completed a semiauto conversion.

Combat Mission
My Combat Mission files

    (The following is out of date, Battlefront has come out with many games in the CM2 series. Shock Force and its modules deal with modern combat, I own them all. Afghanistan deals with the SOVIET occupation of that country (do not own). CMBN: Beyond Normandy and the Commonwealth module (own both), and just released (as of this writing) the Market Garden module (do not own) are self explanatory. There is another stand alone that deals with the Italian front in WW2. Graphics, effects, individual soldier effects, artillery and CAS, and much more, are all greatly improved. Single player, for me, has been reduced and thus I rarely play. I actually play CMBB the most of all of these games. The inability of the AI being unable to set up in or effectively use buildings is ridiculous. I miss being able to fight continuing quick battles on reloaded maps too. I also greatly miss the super detailed armor specs. I guess if they are not presented, they cannot be argued about, but it still seems like a tremendous dumbing down of the encyclopedic database of the CM1 games. This started with CMSF, cetainly due to the tremendous complexity (and secrecy) of modern armor and the huge variance vs different types of incoming ammunition types. This was modeled in CM1 games, but behind the scenes.)
    Combat Mission is an excellent simulation, focusing on land combat in WW2 Europe. As of right now there are three in the series, 'Beyond Overlord', 'Barbarossa to Berlin', and 'Afrika Corps'. They pertain to the Normandy Invasion, East Front, and Africa/ Italy - in that order. BTS/ Battlefront.com has spent a lot of time developing this game. I really like how well it simulates armor combat. They take into account things like shatter gap, differences between cast and rolled plate, face hardened armor and homogeneous plate, applique armor, the capabilities of SPECIFIC ammunition versus the slope AND obliquity of armor, performance differences of AP, AP shot, APC, APCBC, APCR, APDS, HEAT, etc, etc. There are a couple of items that are debated, such as the too low performance of Russian 45mm guns, overly high quality of the StuG's 80mm armor, overmodeled large HE rounds, and for me- the WAY too low first round accuracy of gunnery. (Such as when a veteran crew misses another stopped tank at 100m twice in a row.) Despite these items I believe that this is, by far, the most accurate game format armor penetration model available, and it encompasses literally hundreds of armored vehicles and guns, and thousands of ammunition types. This portion of my website encompasses this game.

F105G at George AFB
(Above) An F-105G at George Air Force Base when I was very young.
About me: I was born on a US Air Force Base in California. Since I was young I have been interested in military equipment and that has manifested itself to focus on WWII, especially Europe, and largely the conflict between Russian and German forces.
I work as a pilot, now as an inspector for the FAA.

My Aviation Career

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