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Though I still enjoy them, when I was younger I was really into plastic models. This is just a small sampling of items I would like to pass on for others to enjoy. I have a lot of 1:35 armor, vehicles, infantry; 1:48, 1:72, and 1:144 aircraft; and many miscellaneous items. Some are completed, some are partially completed, some are kits still in the box. I will go to every effort to ship these items very well protected, but I am not responsible for items damaged in shipping.


Completed LAV-AT (TOW), AMT/Ertl, 1:35, $75
This is an example of the Desert Storm era LAV armed with the twin TOW launcher and M-60 MG. It's the AMT/ Ertl kit. The turret traverses and elevates (manually, of course). Still in service with the Marine Corps today. The LAV is amphibious on calm water and has two propellers behind the rear tires.

Completed M2 Bradley, 1:35, $95
Painted in a prototype camoflage that I really liked (saw a pic in one of my books). The turret traverses and gun elevates. All hatches can be opened, including the rear ramp, but there is no interior. The figures (nor trees) do not come with the vehicle, but I have a zillion of them and can include some for a couple bucks.

Completed German Marder 1 IFV, 1:35, $75
The Marder is an IFV/ personnel carrier used by the German Army. This model has a complete engine compartment with opening hood. The both the main turret and remote MG traverse and elevate. It must be a hypothetical wartime, because the driver needs a shave! Do not confuse this vehicle with the WW2 Marder series - the Marder II and III were tank destroyers based off of the PzII and Pz38 chassis.

BMP-1, Finnish Paint and Markings, 1:35, $65
This is a Soviet made BMP-1 that for diversity of my kits I finished with the included Finn markings. I have the AT-2 Sagger missile you can put on top if you like, but as these were not normally carried except in combat I figured it would be more realistic to leave it off. The green is actually two different colors, plus the grey - a paint pattern they've used since before WW2. Turret traverses.

BMP-2, Czech Paint & Markings, 1:35, $75
This is a Soviet made BMP-2, with Czechoslovakian markings. (Again for diversity of all of my kits, I didn't want everything to be Russian.) It's a good kit and I did a good job on it. Cool personal note: my wife's Czech, I didn't know her yet when I made this model. A few years after I made it communism was thrown out and the Czech and Slovak Republics separated about a year or two after that. The Czechs still use this highly capable vehicle, marked similarly to this example. The turret rotates.

Harrier VTOL jet, 1:32 scale, $60. (BIG, almost 18" from pitot to tail fairing.)
One of many large aircraft models I built. Royal Navy Colors, of course.
I looked up this registration number (XW767) and found out that this aircraft suffered an engine fire, the pilot bailed, and it crashed off the coast of the Falkland Islands in 1982. It's always interesting to know the historical link! Build quality: 4/5, good airbrushing, paint work, and construction quality.

Die Cast Cars, 1:36 scale, 4 cars, $35 for all, V Good condition. I bought these circa 1990. These are the type that you pull back with a clockwork spring and then they drive forward for a little bit. I think they all still work. Price is negotiable (as all prices on here are), but I think they are worth at least that much! I bought them largely because they were very close to the scale of the armor I liked to build.


Misc boats, unk. scale but 3-3.5" long.
I intended these as 'Vietnam sampans'; indigenous boats. The three without the superstructure could easily be converted back to lifeboats with new paint. I would guess about 1:72 to HO scale.

circa 1980 Ferarri, 1:24, FREE (just pay shipping)
Another model I don't want any more but just can't throw away. One of a million partially painted models. Could just be masked and airbrushed, light sanding beforehand would make it look pretty nice.
Build quality: 1/5, incomplete paint, this was one of my first models.

1997 Corvette Coupe, 1:24, FREE (just pay shipping)
I was trying to get a perfect paint job (Polo Green) on this guy, I started fooling with a small blemish and ended up screwing up all of the paint. It needs to be sanded and repainted. Hey, I'm used to matte paint jobs anyway! If you want it, then it's yours. I just don't want to throw it away.


M106 Heavy Mortar Carrier, Tamiya #35116, 1:35, GREAT INTERIOR!
The kit has a great interior, the ammo racks, radios, drivers gauges and placards, fire extinguisher, etc. have really neat detail. The rear ramp and overhead hatch open, the hood opens, the board on the front can be positioned forward or back (it even has amphib instructions), the commander's cupola can be removed and rotated, even the entire top can be removed, the mortar turntable can be pivoted, the crewmen can be removed. It comes with an assembled dismounted mortar base (not pictured) if you want to show the mortar crew operating outside of the vehicle. I added a set of binoculars which I made a strap for, draped over the .50 cal MG. I also put a pistol and small pouch on top of the driver's gauge cluster. For some reason I gave the commander a British L1A1 rifle; though I'm sure I had a reason at the time, I can't remember now. Who knows, maybe he's a NATO cooperative force trainee/ trainer.

New (old stock) in box, Tamiya #35076 S.A.S. Pink Panther, 1:35.
I bought these kits in a big package deal a few years ago. It is Tamiya #35076 S.A.S. Land Rover Pink Panther.
I have one kit new, in the box, with the parts still sealed and stapled. There are parts of two other kits. It is perfect for a diorama, as many items such as tires, tools, etc. are with them.
The kit is a 1970's model desert, special forces Land Rover.

Completed U.S. Armor & Vehicles, HO scale
The equipment, starting on the right in the front row, then moving to the back row:
M577 command vehicle, rear ramp opens
M901 (M113 w/ TOW), ramp & top infantry hatch open, turret traverses & elevated
M113, ramp opens, single TOW launcher added
M106 Mortar Carrier, back door opens
M2 Bradley w/ (tiny!) Dragon Missile Launcher. Back door & turret launcher move.
M1A1 turret rotates, originally painted in continental camo, but just like the real ones, it got repainted for desert storm. Exactly the model M1A1 of the first gulf war. Quite a bit of detail for such a small model!
Gamma Goat, wheels rotate, w/ trailer, trailer top can be removed & tailgate dropped
M110, M107, etc. artillery piece. Comes with multiple barrels for whatever piece you desire.
M578 Armored Recovery Vehicle. Boom rotates.
M60A3 tank. Used by the Marines during the Gulf War. As with my M1 above, my M60 got repainted for the invasion!
M60 AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge) the hydraulics extend and the bridge deploys & detaches without difficulty, but all parts are very small, be careful!

Non-U.S. Armor & Vehicles, HO scale
The equipment, starting in the front row, then moving to the back row:
German Leopard 1, clean, w/ markings (one of two, see below)
German Leopard 2
British Chieftain
WW2 German Sonderfarhgestell mit 8.8cm. (Late war PzIV chassis w/ interleaved suspension carrying a FlaK 41.)
German Leopard 1, dirty (paint... it's not really dirty) (one of two, see above)
German Gepard AA tank.
Soviet SCUD-A missile launcher, appears to be a IS-2 or 3 heavy tank chassis.

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