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Transit Chests

    I retain this page for reference for any of you hoping to build your own chests. Previously I built chests for the Bren, DShK, MG34, MG42, and plenty of random items. I DO NOT SELL CHESTS ANYMORE. I keep it so that if you would like to build your own you can see my previous projects for ideas. For reference, the finger jointed, painted, felted, rope handled, pine board case with a piano hinge and a few accessory slots cost me about $65 to build. I spent two or three full days on each of them.

An MG34 chest in the final stages of production. The rope handles need to be reinstalled (removed for painting).
You can see my finger joints. I do it old style and cut them by hand (no router), though I do make the cuts with a circular saw.

An MG34 case before painting. In this pic top left (by the buttstock) is for the gunner's pouch.
The spare barrel carriers go in the center- you can fit at least three of them. There is a tie down to hold them secure.
There's plenty of room for other random stuff, such as the assault drum under the muzzle.
Though arranged and sized similarly this is so much more convenient than original ones as the bipod and buttstock can remain installed in mine!

My old style cases. These are (closest first), plywood, OSB, and an original MkI chest.

Some of my first cases.