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Gas Guns!

I have been working Steve for years now, and have only heard good things about his products. I have used them personally, and like them. His equipment is exactly what MY GAS GUN MANUAL is based around. For info on gas gun items please contact Steve at the following link: steveleesmith@hotmail.com

(LOUD! Check the volume on your speakers!)


The muzzle flash from a .50 using Steve's kit. The flash is not photoshopped.

(A 105mm recoilles firing. The sparks are expelled machining dust during these first few shots.)

(Browning conversions! Left to right: a .30 conversion installed, a .50 conversion kit, a .50 conversion kit with a dummy gun)

Do-it-yourself machine gun and cannon simulator kits:
Circuit boards custom made for your gun-$75 each (Please indicate the type gun you are doing so the correct rate of fire can be set.)
Propane/oxygen solenoid valves-$100 pair
Cylindrical ignition coils-$45 each
Fittings and tubing kit (with jets installed in the chamber fittings)-$40
Circuit board and solenoid valve kit with plans-$175 each, includes shipping in the US.
Complete drop in simulator assemblies for the US .30 and .50 cal-$375 (Drop in units include the jets, tubing, and spark plug to install in your chamber.)
(shipping extra on individual items)

A 37mm gun, adapted for semi-auto gas firing.

A 20mm Oerlikon cannon, adapted for full-auto gas firing.

Special kits available for large cannons and multiple barrel guns.

Payment via personal or bank check mailed to:
Can also accept Paypal under the email address below.

Steve L. Smith
20 Craigwood Ln
Clarksville, AR 72830

Phone: 479-754-2894
e-mail: steveleesmith@hotmail.com

(The sequencing & timing circuitry board, solenoids, and ignition coil.)

Some other pics of Steve's equipment:

*No Germans were harmed in the making of this page. :)

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